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André van Duin Cabaret Tickets

André van Duin is the most beloved comic in the Netherlands. His warm humour is the reason for people to buy André van Duin Tickets. Tickets for his show always quickly sell out, because with him you are ensured of an entire evening full of old-fashioned comedy. The André van Duin Cabaret is chockfull of songs, skits and slapsticks. André van Duin is one of de old masters of Dutch cabaret. His revues and one-man-shows are unique in the history of Dutch cabaret. Whole generations grew up listening to his jokes and witty sayings which you will surely recognise them when you go and visit his show. You can get your André van Duin tickets at Onlineticketshop.

André van Duin Tickets

If you want to be entertained for an entire evening by the best of Dutch cabaret, you'll want to buy a ticket for the show of André van Duin. The André van Duin tickets will offer you a comedy experience like no other. With the André van Duin Comedy you are guaranteed to witness an evening full of weird dialogues. He is known for making it very hard for his cast to stay in character on stage and his talent for improvisation is unprecedented. He sometimes can not control himself and starts to tease everyone a little. André van Duin has a good sense of absurd humour and if you get André van Duin Tickets, you will see so for yourself. You can buy your tickets for the André van Duin Cabaret at Onlineticketshop.

Biography André van Duin

The professional comic André van Duin was born in Rotterdam. Many of his jokes are related to the typical street humour of that city. You can never know for sure whether they mean it or they are making fun of you. The characters that André van Duin played in his early days of the revue were all very real characters from Rotterdam. They have a very dry sense of humour and a warm human side. And still, at a André van Duin show, he can amaze his audiences with that same dry, sometimes even crude humour, without actually offending anyone. At the André van Duin Tour you are going to enjoy his witty jokes and his beautiful songs. Are you visiting one of his shows? Then you will not be disappointed and have a splendid evening!

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