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Bert Visscher Cabaret Tickets

Bert Visscher is known for circling the stage like a tornado in his shows. The Bert Visscher Cabaret consists almost literally of chaos, mixed with jokes, characters and weird songs. It is a miracle the theatres he plays his shows at are still standing at the end! With Bert Visscher tickets you will go and see how amazing and intense this lively man actually is. Bert Visscher is a comedian who never ceases to amaze. The stage is chaos and the audience is out of breath from his energy and all the jokes he has made in the meantime. And the next show is just as great as the last! Tickets for his shows are always sold out, because everyone wants to see how far he will take his comedy this time. Bert Visscher tickets, you can get them at Onlineticketshop!

Bert Visscher Tickets

Your Bert Visscher tickets allow entrance to the theatre of the most charismatic and the most chaotic man of contemporary cabaret. Bert Visscher was born in Groningen and he is proud of it, but his stories and comedy are universal. He tells his most dramatic stories in such a way that you will be in tears of laughter. With a ticket to Bert Visscher you buy an evening full of hysterical laughter. But Bert Visscher tickets are hard to find, because the Bert Visscher Comedy is extremely wanted by his loyal fans. And he has a lot of fans, because for years all of the theatres he played at were always sold out. You can buy your tickets to the Bert Visscher Cabaret at Onlineticketshop.

Biography Bert Visscher

The new tour of Bert Visscher promises a lot of fireworks from this true comedian. Bert Visscher is someone who effortlessly lets the laughter appear from the audience. All of his characters miss a few of their marbles, but that makes it all the more fun to meet them. Maybe you caught him recently dressed as a rabbit from Hawaii. Or you have seen him as the surrealistic leader of a workshop in flower arrangements, wearing a yellow workman's hat and a huge hammer. In the Bert Visscher show you can expect music and acrobatics and of course silly stories and crazy costumes. In everything he does, Bert Visscher is a little bit more over the top than other comedians in this world. And you are going to enjoy just that when you too buy tickets to his fantastic show.

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