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Coparck Tickets  

Coparck is among the most esteemed and distinguished Dutch rock bands. Since it formed in 1999, it has achieved success selling a great number of albums worldwide. As true Coparck fans would know, tickets to any concert of theirs sell very quickly. Coparck tickets are often only available in the market for a few days and this is why it has been hard for their fans to actually be able to purchase them. Because of this, many fans have not been able to go to even one Coparck concert. Nevertheless, services like Onlineticketshop make it easy for rock lovers everywhere to buy Coparck tickets. For the reason that Onlineticketshop exists, your ticket has become just one click away. All you have to do is place an order and you can just relax and wait for your order to arrive at the comfort of your own home.  

Coparck Concert  

Coparck has been one of the most influential Dutch rock groups in the Netherlands rock scene since the beginning of their musical career in 1999. Although they did not release a studio-recorded album until 2001, they have produced several other records since then and many of their songs have gained a lot of recognition. Their songs are highly renowned and many Coparck fans buy tickets in appreciation of their talent in performing. Catch the next Coparck concert to experience the passion and be entertained by the talent of this highly creative rock group. For your own ticket to an upcoming Coparck concert, engage the services of Onlineticketshop. Onlineticketshop is the most secure and convenient way to ensure that you will get Coparck concert tickets to any upcoming concert. Just remember that with Onlineticketshop, getting a Coparck ticket will always be a breeze.

Coparck Biography

Dutch band Coparck originated from Amsterdam and formed in 1999. Its members include Odilo Girod, Maurits de Lange, Rik Hansen, and Marcel van As. Much like any other band who dreamed of making it big in the music scene, Coparck recorded a number of demos until 2001 when the group was finally able to release their debut album entitled ‘Birds, Happiness & Still Not Worried.’ This album was recorded and produced by the members themselves. It gained positive attention from many critics and, from there, the band gained enough recognition to guest in bigger and bigger concerts. In just a few years, the band made it to the top and was able to launch a Coparck tour. The first one being so successful, the Coparck tour is still much awaited by their many fans around Europe and in many other parts of the world.

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