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Camp Nou Stadium Tickets

Well, no questions asked, no other stadiums can be greater than the Camp Nou Stadium in Barcelona! The Camp Nou Stadium Barcelona was opened to the public in 1957 and a few years later, it was rated as a 5-star stadium by UEFA. While most of the Camp Nou Stadium tickets you will see on ticket sellers are for football matches of FC Barcelona, you may also buy Camp Nou Stadium tickets for other concert. This is because this stadium also caters to other happenings such as concerts and others. The concerts in Camp Nou Stadium, though occasional, are really out of this world. This is the reason why people always wait for concerts schedules because they know that they will get the best out of it. Tickets to all kinds of events in the Camp Nou Stadium in Barcelona are available at Onlineticketshop!

Camp Nou Stadium Football Tickets

To be exact, Camp Nou Stadium has a seating capacity for 98,772 spectators and when the big football club FC Barcelona has a big match, these 98,772 are never enough! Camp Nou Stadium is now the largest stadium in Europe yet when all the Camp Nou Stadium tickets were released; the home stadium of FC Barcelona becomes too small for all! Well, we can’t blame anyone because if there would be a difference, an football match of FC Barcelona in Camp Nou Stadium will definitely stand out! The organizers of UEFA Championship League in 1999 were so amazed that despite the big number of Camp Nou Stadium tickets distributed for home matches of FC Barcelona, they still heard complaints from soccer and football fanatics who were not able to acquire their FC Barcelona football tickets. Learn from this so get your Camp Nou Stadium FC Barcelona football tickets now from the ticket master – Onlineticketshop!

Events in Camp Nou Stadium

Mes que un club! This is one of the mottos that Camp Nou Stadium tries to follow. Mes que un club in English means more than just a club and indeed, Camp Nou Stadium is more than a club. In fact, visit all the clubs in Barcelona; put everything they offer in a box and that box will definitely be Camp Nou Stadium Barcelona. True enough, when you try to go around in the Camp Nou Stadium in Barcelona and you will really be fascinated. No wonder Michael Jackson, U2, Pink Floyd, Frank Sinatra, Bruce Springsteen and many more voiced out their joy when they participated in the concert events in Camp Nou Stadium. More Camp Nou Stadium concerts and events are coming this year. Reserve your event and concert tickets for Barcelona now from Onlineticketshop!