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Europe Tickets

Can’t seem to wait to see them perform live again on stage? Here’s some good news! They’ll be here once more for another wild and entertaining rock concert. Indeed, Europe, a Swedish rockband of six breathtaking rockers, has gone a long way for it to continue evolving, succeeding, and receiving recognition and acceptance by adherents for rock music worldwide. This amazing group has received various awards and has sold out more than 15 million albums globally. There’s really no wonder about this, Europe is simply among the greatest rockbands that ever existed. And so, they’ll be around here again for a Europe concert. Check on this site to get more details about this upcoming event, which includes availability of Europe concert tickets as well. Europe concert tickets can also be purchased online. Just make sure which number of tickets you need and buy them early on here!

Europe Concerts

Europe is a Swedish rockband that has been around since the late 70’s. Through its years of enduring and evolving, it started as progressive rock music and changed as the band continues to rework their sound into a something-like flaunting yet melodic pop-metal. Since Europe’s reincarnation, it has sold out further than 15 million albums around the globe. It were their singles “The Final Countdown,” and “Carrie,” that basically draw attention among rock fans and various supporters worldwide. They’ll definitely include these two singles in their forthcoming Europe Concert, another concert everyone’s looking forward to. For sure, everyone’s gonna be at the Europe Concert. You can check our web site for Europe Concert tickets. We sometimes offer some discounts tickets or some ticket deals or promos. So make sure to watch out for any possible great deals on Europe tickets!

Europe Biography

Formerly known as the FORCE in 1979, Europe (Swedish rockband) was originally well-known for its progressive rock music. And it was not until the group changed its name to Europe that the band began receiving international recognition and support from various giant people in the rock music industry. Award-winning Joey Tempest (vocalist and keyboardist), Kee Marcello (guitarist), Peter Olsson (bassist), Tony Reno (drummer), Ian Haughland (drummer), and Michael Michaeli (keyboards) currently composed this zing-filled rockband. Europe exceeded beyond what it used to be good doing in the late 70’s, and continues to thrive and adapt to the evolving rock music. In 1986, this group made it on top both in UK and US with their singles: “Final Countdown,” and “Carrie.” To further display their enduring and evolving sound, the band will be on a Europe tour. You’ll definitely hear and see them promoting their upcoming Europe tour. Don’t miss it then!

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