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Foals Tickets

Foals are an indie-rock and trance-punk band originating from Oxford, England. The Foals are signed with the European Transgressive Records label and the US Sub Pop label. The lead guitarist and vocalist, Yannis Philippakis came in at number 45 in NME music magazine's most cool list in 2007. The band members are Jack Bevan on the drums, Andrew Mears also on vocals, Jimmy Smith on the guitar and Walter Gervers is the bassist. The band has a huge fan base and they've appeared on various television shows. Foals tickets are always highly sought after because of this. When a Foals concert is announced, be sure to purchase your Foals tickets here well in advanced, because these tickets will surely be sold out quickly.

Foals Concert

When playing live in concert, the band called Foals performs their upbeat and “jittery” style. They have a poppy beat and there's a strong rock/post-punk sound. They play many house parties, too. This is the characteristic sound of the Foals. And this is why tickets for Foals gigs sell out fast. They have a strong background in techno music and they know how to get their audience moving to their hard beats. Their concerts are passionate displays of strong beat and vocals and this appeals to every audience member who has been lucky enough to secure a Foals ticket and are present for the unique experience of the Foals concert. In fact, Foals concert tickets usually sell out fast and that's why they are so popular.

Foals Biography

This emerging British band called Foals released their debut album in 2008 and called it 'Antidotes.' The New York Times has already raved about the first Foals tour and called the lead vocalist a “yelping singer” and also said that the music is “rigorous enough and weird enough” to separate Foals from the other the dance-punk bands around. The rhythm is precise and their music switches from hard punk to disco groove. Any Foals tour is a must because the band is so fresh and best of all the vocalist, Greek-born Philippakis, is awesome on stage. Their music is available from their website and there's a great live album, which was released in 2007, as well as the absolute favorite 'Mathletics.'

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