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Najib Amhali Cabaret Tickets

Najib Amhali is a Dutch comedian who was born in Morocco. In his show he makes use of the typical differences he encounters when the cultures he grew up with clash. Tickets to Najib Amhali you can buy when you are interested in the humour that comes out of these differences. Because he certainly is funny, he knows how to make an audience laugh. He also has a very musical talent and he accompanies himself on the cajon, or he beatboxes, and he even knows how to play the guitar. The Najib Amhali cabaret is a good mixture of monologues and songs. Najib Amhali tickets are being bought by a large audience. At the Onlineticketshop you can buy the best Najib Amhali Tickets.

Najib Amhali Tickets

You are in search of Najib Amhali tickets because you love cabaret with a very high quality. Najib Amhali tickets are of much value to the true fan. And Najib Amhali has a lot of fans because he knows how to put his Moroccan descent to good use and lets the Dutch people get acquainted to his cultural backgrounds. In the theatre he is able to make the people at ease with these differences in a relaxed way. He knows how to improvise and therefore makes each and every show an unique experience. The Najib Amhali cabaret is always sold out very quickly. A ticket to the comedy of Najib Amhali means the entrance to an evening filled with laughter. Furthermore you can expect him to draw his audience into his skits. He is a very charming Moroccan who can win everybody's heart with ease. Tickets to the Najib Amhali Comedy is available at the Onlineticketshop.

Biography Najib Amhali

Najib Amhali was born in Morocco but was raised in the Netherlands in the little town of Krommenie. He came into contact with two different cultures and many of their differences can be seen in the Najib Amhali shows. But at the same time those differences seem to fade away when Najib Amhali tells about the things that occur to him in every day life. Everyone can laugh about his description of his first evening with his parents in law. Or about the way he tries to order a kebab at the local snack bar after spending the night in town with his friends. He has also played in a number of TV-series and movies. And he still has a show with the Comedytrain every once in a while. The Najib Amhali tour is for those who want to laugh about differences and like to see the similarities.

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