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Racoon Tickets

Now rapidly selling out wherever Racoon tour, Racoon tickets are becoming a valuable commodity. Originating from Europe, the Dutch band Racoon brings a whole new flavor to a traditional ballad when accompanied by gentle guitar riffs, and the haunting mellow tones of the lead vocalist ensure that the fans clamor to get their Racoon tickets. Their discovery in ’97 means they are not new to the music market, but it is still possible to get a Racoon ticket, however, this will not be the case for long. The popularity of Racoon is growing daily as more and more people get the opportunity to listen to their music on MySpace and Hyves, ingesting the essence of a group who are devoted to writing music about real life experience and capturing the hearts of the expanding fan base they have worldwide. Get your Racoon tickets now before they sell out, as they’re sure to do.

Racoon Concert

Selling out wherever they go, a Racoon concert is becoming an event that thousands of fans of the haunting quality of their ballads try to get to see. Racoon incorporate a love of the ballad with the needs of their fans to provide something that gives more back to the people who listen. Tickets are available to a Racoon concert but their burgeoning success globally, means that the rush to get a ticket will soon put a stop to that. Racoon has had many reviews on their music and concert prowess, but recently even the most acidic critics are beginning to comment favorably – Racoon has evolved and with it, so has the extensive fan base. Bart van der Weide brings something to Racoon making the fans crave for more.

Racoon Biography

Racoon are comprised of four members, initially started in 1997 with just Bart van der Weide and guitarist Dennis Huige but later expanded to include Stefan de Kroon on Bass and Paul Bukkens on drums in 1998. They’ve been the opener for Nooderslag festival and featured in the Europe day festival were they achieved great visibility and new attention from fans who previously hadn’t had the opportunity to listen to their music in 2003. Racoon achieved global fame in 2006 when their hit song ‘Love You More’ was remixed into a trance hit by Armin Van Buuren. Racoon has since released a third album, ‘Another Day’ and continues to tour, record and give ‘great concert’ to their adoring and now very large fan base.

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