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Sepultura Tickets

Even before Sepultura released its first LP entitled “Morbid Visions,” this Brazilian metal band had already been among the most favored acts among thrash fans. Even if significant changes have taken place, Sepultura has undoubtedly earned their current reputation and the amount of attention given to them. Sepultura tickets to each one of their concerts still sell as well they did in 1984. In fact, many of their tours still get sold out. If you have hopelessly been wanting to get a Sepultura ticket, Onlineticketshop presents the perfect solution for you. At Onlineticketshop, you no longer need to compete with a long line of fans for tickets. Here, you are given the best selection of Sepultura tickets that you can purchase with both safety and convenience. Order your ticket now and you will surely not regret it.

Sepultura Concert

Have you been among those hoping to watch the upcoming Sepultura concert? If so, you must already be having problems with getting tickets. Don’t worry because now you have Onlineticketshop to ease your troubles. Engaging the services of Onlineticketshop allows you to be sure that you will finally be able to see Derrick Green and the rest of Sepultura perform live! Any metal head must be able to see a Sepultura concert at least once in his lifetime. However, since there is always a high demand for Sepultura shows, this may be impossible for you if you do not know of the right place to get your own ticket. With Onlineticketshop, you can guarantee that you will not only be able to attend one concert but as many as you want!

Sepultura Biography

Sepultura is a metal group that originated in Brazil in 1984. Unknown to many of their Western fans, “Sepultura” is actually the Portuguese translation of “grave.” This is the name that Max Cavalera suggested when he formed the band along with his brother, Igor, and the rest including Paul Pinto, Jairo Guedes and Wagner Lamounier. These five constitutes the original members of this thrash metal band. Later on, in 1990, Max Cavalera left the band as the rest of the group fires his wife as their manager. He continued on to form “Soulfly” but the rest decided to keep the Sepultura name and allow Derrick Green to take the place as frontman. Although Sepultura no longer receives as much critical acclaim as it used to, the band continues to be among the most successful groups in thrash metal history.

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