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Tineke Schouten Tickets

This professional woman of theatre was born in Utrecht, in the middle of the Netherlands, and she prefers to be called a comedian. Tineke Schouten is used to performing in front of large audiences because she has a lot of fans. People of all ages buy Tineke Schouten tickets and she is able to make them all laugh out loud. You too should buy Tineke Schouten tickets, because with them you are ensured of a fantastic evening. The Tineke Schouten cabaret consists of all kinds of characters, who she brings to life with a lot of talent. The most famous of these characters is ‘Lenie of the Takkestraat’, with her she scored a big hit in the Top 40 charts early on in her career. Tineke Schouten sings songs in her show that always end on a high note. Tickets to the shows of this original artist are now available at Onlineticketshop.

Tineke Schouten Comedy Tickets

Tineke Schouten tickets are sold in huge quantities. Tineke Schouten has been on stage for so long and gets such recognition that her fan base has become as great as she herself has become. In each theatre her show is sold out, and with reason, because she is the queen of comedy. Her timing is perfect and she knows how to get any audience to her feet without effort. Tickets to the Tineke Schouten cabaret are a great present for yourself and for anybody else who is a lover of great cabaret. Tineke Schouten Comedy is praised by her loyal fans. To get a ticket to Tineke Schouten they will wait in line for hours. You can save yourself the trouble because you can find your Tineke Schouten tickets online at Onlineticketshop.

Biography Tineke Schouten

It was even in her early years that Tineke Schouten discovered she wanted to be on stage. The first few times on stage she worked with another performer, but pretty soon she produced her very own Tineke Schouten show. She had a lot of success and continues to be successful because everything she produces is of a very high quality. The characters she displays on stage are very believable and everybody warms to them instantly when they appear. Only minutes later another character appears and the laughs keep on rolling through the theatre. Whoever sees Tineke Schouten knows she has earned her rightful place on stage in the theatre. She know the tricks of the trade and the Tineke Schouten tour is always sold out. Will you come and see this great artist for yourself?

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