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UB40 Tickets

Since 1978 UB40 tickets have been selling out. This iconic band has brought more to the world of music over the thirty years from conception than many other artistes. Named after an unemployment form used for claiming benefits in 1978, the way UB40 was named was truly unique, setting the stage for the rest of their musical career. UB40 tickets are very desirable even now, and still sell out extremely quickly. UB40 has an unbelievable amount of fans scattered around the whole of the globe, and many follow UB40 around buying UB40 ticket after ticket to experience the concert just one more time. 2008 marks the thirtieth year of the band’s musical production, but it still feels like yesterday when the band started out. The timeless style of reggae music at a UB40 concert ensures that everyone who hears it can’t resist tapping their foot along to the beat.

UB40 Concert

A UB40 concert is inevitably always jam-packed full of bouncing fans just waiting for the experience of a lifetime to start. The typical UB40 concert is filled with the reggae music they’re renowned for with their own unique beat that just sets the crowds jumping and dancing in harmony while accompanying the band, singing to the music. The band, UB40, are in a class of their own; and songs like ‘Rat in Mi Kitchen’, ‘Red Red Wine’ and many more are what the older loyal, diehard fans go to listen to. Concert tickets are at a premium so each fan ensures their ticket is bought early. UB40 tickets sell out extremely quickly, so get in fast to avoid disappointment! This year marks the thirtieth anniversary so is guaranteed to be a fantastic night out.

UB40 Biography

Consisting of the original eight members UB40 started out with; Ali Campbell, James Brown, Robin Campbell, Earl Falconer, Norman Hassan, Brian Travers, Michael Virtue and Astro the UB40 lineup is extensive and the band’s music is tight – played well and unmistakable in style. Formed in 1978 UB40 were at that point influenced by stars such as Bob Marley, and as a result were in direct competition with him because their style is so reggae based. Upon the death of Bob Marley in 1981, their success shot skywards when Reggae lovers around the world started to listen to their music much more than they had previously. UB40 have proved to be an unparalleled success in Britain and beyond, earning award after award throughout the years, and are now acclaimed as one of the best Reggae bands in Britain, if not the world.

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