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Veldhuis and Kemper Cabaret Tickets

The Veldhuis and Kemper cabaret appeals to anybody, but especially to people in their thirties. Remko Veldhuis and Richard Kemper are in their thirties themselves and they talk about their own experiences. But even for people of different ages their show is still very recognisable and you can easily identify with them. Veldhuis and Kemper talk about subjects that appeal to anyone. Veldhuis and Kemper tickets are being bought by people from all walks of life. They currently have the best jokes and they know how to present them in an authentic way in the theatre. The audience is always surprised at this cabaret duo. The tickets are an entrance to a great evening at the theatre, you will not regret buying them. You can buy your Veldhuis and Kemper tickets at Onlineticketshop.

Veldhuis and Kemper Tickets

If you are in search of Veldhuis and Kemper tickets then you must surely love cabaret. Veldhuis and Kemper cabaret is for those people who want to try something different and get great quality at the same time. And quality is what you will get with this ticket! Veldhuis and Kemper produce hilarious comedy about things everyone will recognise and only they know how to laugh about it. These two men bring great shows with their Veldhuis and Kemper comedy that appeal to anyone who likes great jokes. Veldhuis and Kemper furthermore have a great treasure chest full of beautiful songs. And that is what makes a great evening of comedy complete. Would you like to see how old fashioned cabaret gets put into a modern context by this hilarious duo? Then buy your Veldhuis and Kemper tickets now, at Onlineticketshop.

Biography Veldhuis and Kemper

In 1997 a mutual friend of Veldhuis and Kemper was so tired of hearing them both complain about how they would never get to produce a cabaret show, that he simply set up a meeting between them. They immediately clicked and two year later, in 1999, they produced the first Veldhuis and Kemper show. Only later they produced their first full length program filled with cabaret and songs, Veldhuis and Kemper even had a huge hit with one of those songs! You have probably heard the song if you’re Dutch, it is called 'Ik Wou Dat Ik Jou Was'. It immediately plants a seed in your brain and it was a huge hit in the top 40 charts for a long time! At the Veldhuis and Kemper tour they also score one laugh after another, every evening they come on stage, because their jokes are unparalleled! Convince yourself and come and see a show of these great artists!

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