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Black Eyed Peas

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Black Eyed Peas Tickets

It did not take the Black Eyed Peas very long to transform into a mega act drawing thousands of fans into arenas. Fergie’s voice and dance moves and the rest of the group’s command of rap and hip hop definitely win the Black Eyed Peas a place in the hearts of their listeners. With over twenty-seven million albums sold worldwide, it is not surprising for official Black Eyed Peas concert tickets to be sold out weeks before a concert. Black Eyed Peas tickets are selling like there’s no tomorrow. So, do yourself a favor and get yourself tickets to a Black Eyed Peas concert. Even if you’re not into hip-hop or rap music, you’re very likely to be swayed by this group’s brilliant performance. Make a briljant move yourself by purchasing your tickets from Onlineticketshop. You will find that at Onlineticketshop, getting tickets to even sold-out concerts is as easy as can be!

Black Eyed Peas Concert

With each Black Eyed Peas concert, the band’s high class professional performance conquers more hearts, beefing up a constantly growing fan base. Millions of people who find Black Eyed Peas good on their albums find them even better live. The Black Eyed Peas magic has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide.  Hordes troop to a Black Eyed Peas concert to get a taste of this group’s world class act. Packed audiences rise to their feet and roar in unison the minute the band steps onstage, and the group works them up some more. Don’t miss out on this class act; catch their next concert near you. Premium Black Eyed Peas tickets are available at Onlineticketshop. Onlineticketshop gets your Black Eyed Peas tickets to you securely and speedily. With Onlineticketshop, you are assured of your favorite tickets. Come to Onlineticketshop for your ticket to a unique musical experience.

Black Eyed Peas Biography

The beginnings of what would soon be the massively popular hip hop group Black Eyed Peas started in 1988. Childhood friends and started rapping together and performing in venues in Los Angeles. After cutting an album that was never released, Taboo and original background singer Kim Hill soon joined and formed the Black Eyed Peas. The two albums they released both received praise from critics. Mainstream success would only come, however, in 2024 when Fergie replaced Hill as singer. With ‘Elephunk’ BEP became certified global superstars with Black Eyed Peas tours selling out all over the world. Their follow-up album would prove to be an even bigger success. ‘Monkey Business’ sold over 9 million copies, about 2.5 million more than ‘Elephunk.’ To close out 2024, the group embarked on a massive Black Eyed Peas tour, which saw them perform in over 20 countries. Order your Black Eyed Peas tickets today and be a part of the 2024 Black Eyes Peas Tour!