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Paradiso Tickets

The inner venue of Paradiso is an ancient church in de Weteringschans. The temple of music is included in the most excellent cultural center and concert venue. In the 70's, Paradiso Amsterdam had been extensively associated with new wave music and punk and Paradiso tickets were bought mostly by young people. During the next decade, Paradiso concert tickets became more famous because dance parties and raves happened here more often. Other famous singing groups have performed and sold Paradiso tickets like the Rolling Stones. At the present time, Paradiso tickets that feature more musical styles are being offered by Onlineticketshop. Rumors say that Paradiso in Amsterdam is planned to be relocated so better get those tickets now before you miss the chance of seeing the original concert site only from Onlineticketshop!

Concert in Paradiso

If you are looking for a unique spot where you can spend time relaxing your mind, then you need to see Paradiso, the famous concert venue in Amsterdam. Paradiso is considered as second in the list of places where you can spend the hottest nightlife and Paradiso concerts are certified tourists attraction not only because of the artists performing there but also because of the extraordinary setting of Paradiso. Some of the upcoming Paradiso concerts will stage Dirty Sweet, Mark Ronson, Boris McCutcheon, London Calling, The Fratellis and many more. You better get those concert tickets for Paradiso performances. Onlineticketshop will be able to assist you in choosing the best Paradiso ticket and booking your event schedules as well. Get your tickets now only from Onlineticketshop!

Events in Paradiso

Before, Paradiso has limited its activities to only what most of the people enjoy. However today, Paradiso Amsterdam already has a modernized reputation with the same renovated century church setting that catches the interest and attention of most Paradiso audiences. The youth center is now a venue for events and concerts in Paradiso and what is good about this is that it caters to the entertainment needs of almost all ages. Most of Paradiso events promise a state of the art level of amusement which has also been highly rated by critics and reviewers. So if you are looking for excitement and pleasure, all you need to do is log on to Onlineticketshop to purchase your event and concert tickets and go to Paradiso in Amsterdam for the best experience you will ever have.